herringbone spc flooring malaysia

Herringbone SPC Flooring Malaysia

Herringbone floor Malaysia is both gorgeous and sturdy, not to mention an impressively durable flooring material as well. A dark, rich Herringbone floor Malaysia design can add instant warmth to an all-white or predominantly white home.

If a more moody feel is what you feel like going for, then dark herringbone floors with the inclusion of other dark elements will do the job perfectly too. You just have to decide how dark you want to go, and the options are wide.

Due to the fact that herringbone flooring has a natural appearance, it would complement light wood elements in kitchens too.

SPC Herringbone Flooring

The SPC component in our Herringbone SPC flooring Malaysia stands for Stone Plastic Composite or Stone Polymer Composite; it depends on your preferred component, so be sure to check. Additionally, advanced technologies have been used to mimic the look of real wood and stone, but for a better price.

Herringbone SPC flooring Malaysia is 100% waterproof for your peace of mind, with the added bonus of increased stability, dent resistance, and structural strength to boot. Hence, this provides luxury vinyl flooring with only top-quality features as a result. Limestone powder and stabilisers are powerfully combined for a pretty unbeatable core.

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