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The first & only engineered wood flooring in Malaysia comes with Ten (10) years warranty against termite.

Engineered Wood Flooring Malaysia Supplier

When laid out correctly, engineered flooring can provide a significant impact on various living spaces, ranging from contemporary houses to even business outlets. Since the top layer is coated with UV-lacquer and oil finishing, it radiates a warm and cosy atmosphere by bringing out the lovely colour and the natural wood grain.

Many architects and interior designers now prefer engineered wood flooring over solid wood because of its elegant appearance, affordable pricing, and improved durability, thanks to its anti-termite properties. For the record, our product is the first and only with a 10-year warranty against termite. With Eco Floor, you can surely get what you want. As the leading supplier of engineered wood flooring in Malaysia, we have played such an integral role in creating well-designed commercial spaces.

engineered wood flooring malaysia


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to install, time saving and less dusty (no sanding and coating required after installation at site).
  • Stain resistant
  • Top layer surfaces can be re-sanded and recoated a few times.
  • Do not harbor dust mites or other allergens
  • More varieties in the selection of colors, designs, patterns and textures.

Product Features

  • Tested with ASTM standard D-3345-74 for its termite resistance.
  • Better controlled, homogeneous moisture content.
  • Predictable, uniform swelling and shrinking direction.
  • Using low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) UV cured acrylic lacquer as surface coating.
  • The engineered wood floor surface is coated with 7 layers of scratch resistance UV cured acrylic lacquer.”

Our Engineered Timber Flooring comes with the options of 1 Strip, 3 Strips and various other designs. We can also try to match your colour and design.

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Landscape Kent ( bvl 4 sides). size 19 x 250 x 1800 mm

Available Sizes

All of our engineered flooring options come with the following feature to offer our customers range and variety:

  • Thickness : 12 mm or 14 mm
  • Width : 125 mm or 150 mm or 190 mm
  • Length : 450 – 1200 mm or 600 – 1800 mm
  • Finishing : Smooth or Wire-Brushed
  • Structure : 3-Layers or Multi-Layers

Types of Products


White oak 1 Strip


American Walnut 1 Strip


Teak 1 Strip


Iroko 1 Strip


Maple 1 Strip


Cherry 1 Strip

herringbone design

Herringbone 1 Strip


Chevron 1 Strip