EcoTech Series

The first & only engineered wood flooring in Malaysia comes with Ten (10) years warranty against termite & mold.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to install, time saving and less dusty (no sanding and coating required after installation at site).
  • Stain resistant
  • Top layer surfaces can be re-sanded and recoated a few times Do not harbor dust mites or other allergens
  • More varieties in the selection of colors, designs, patterns and textures.

Product Features

  • Tested with ASTM standard D-3345-74 for its termite resistance and ASTM standard D-4445-09a for its mold resistance.
  • Better controlled, homogeneous moisture content.
  • Predictable, uniform swelling and shrinking direction.
  • Using low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) UV cured acrylic lacquer as surface coating.
  • The engineered wood floor surface is coated with 7 layers of scratch resistance UV cured acrylic lacquer.”

Our Engineered Timber Flooring comes with the options of 1 Strip, 3 Strips and various other designs. We can also try to match your colour and design.

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Types of Products

White oak 1 Strip

American Walnut 1 Strip

Teak 1 Strip

Iroko 1 Strip

Maple 1 Strip

Cherry 1 Strip

Herringbone 1 Strip

Chevron 1 Strip