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SPC Vinyl Flooring Price

SPC flooring has a core that is engineered to be extremely durable. If you want a long-term flooring solution that gives you the most value for your money, then SPC flooring is the perfect option for you! We offer competitive SPC vinyl flooring price, and we stand by our products.

SPC Flooring Specifications

Non-toxic: Our SPC flooring is completely non-toxic. As we use 100% virgin materials, our SPC flooring is safe for both children and animals.

Protection: Our SPC flooring has been tested and proven to be scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, termite-proof, water-proof, and flame-retardant. These properties will help protect your floors from any damage caused by everyday wear and tear.

Affordable: We priced our SPC flooring competitively. We know that price is important when looking for flooring products, so we ensure our SPC vinyl flooring price is affordable without compromising quality.

DIY-friendly: Our SPC vinyl flooring is easy to install, so much so that it can be installed yourself. It is also anti-slip, which means that it will not cause any accidents while walking on it. Plus, it is not dangerous like other materials present in today’s market!

What else could you want from your flooring products with an affordable SPC flooring price?

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spc vinyl flooring price

SPC Flooring Layers

Our SPC flooring consists of 3 layers, which are:

  • Wear Layer: a clear acrylic top coat that protects the surface from scratches.
  • Vinyl Top Coat: a waterproof and reflective coating that preserves the pattern, texture, and appearance.
  • SPC Core: a dimensionally stable and waterproof core made by blending limestone powder with stabilizers.

SPC Flooring Features

Our SPC flooring features are like the following list:

  • Sizes between 1230×145 mm, 1230×180 mm, 1515×228 mm, and 1820×228 mm
  • Comes with an interlocking mechanism
  • A wide range of colours to choose from
  • A thickness of 5 mm

As such, our SPC flooring price will guarantee every ringgit is well-spent.