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With a natural grain and colour palette, solid timber flooring stands as a clientele favourite; complimenting a variety of furniture and materials with ease. Its quality in elasticity, noise-dampening effects and natural aesthetics all exude a sense of comfort to a livelier home. The solid timber floring’s long lasting durability and multiple refinish capacity unlike other floor materials also represent a longer life span for the home.

Solid Wood Flooring Malaysia Supplier

Our solid wood flooring has been a client favourite since our establishment and with good reason! With its natural grain and colour palette, this solid timber flooring complements a wide array of furniture and materials with little to no effort. 

As the trusted solid wood flooring Malaysia company, we provide solid wood flooring and solid timber flooring with high-quality elasticity, coupled with noise-reducing effects and au naturel aesthetics. All of these seamlessly contribute to a home environment that is lively and elegant. In fact, we have been touted as having the best solid wood flooring in Malaysia, on top of offering long-lasting durability with multiple refinishing options.

We understand the impact that flooring has on a room, as it can increase the aesthetic value of any property. That is why we strive to offer our customers a range of options, such as, but not limited to, solid Merbau, Brazilian teak.

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Advantages of Solid Wood Flooring

  • Stain-resistant
  • Hard-wearing and durable
  • Surface can be re-sanded multiple times
  • Suitable for asthmatic people since dust mites, and other allergens aren’t harbored
  • Natural wood grain and color
  • One of the most popular options
  • Noise dampening effect
  • Exudes a sense of comfort
  • Elastic
  • Compliments other building materials
  • Compliments many furniture styles

Types of Products

solid wood flooring

Solid Merbau

solid wood flooring

Solid Burmese Teak

solid wood flooring

Solid Brazilian Teak

solid wood flooring

Solid European Black Ash


Brazilian Teak


Brazilian Oak


African Teak


Batu Mahogany