SPC Flooring Maintenance

It is critical that you follow the maintenance guidelines to keep your flooring in good condition. The key SPC flooring maintenance tip is to use a soft brush when removing dust particles from the surface. Although the floor are tough, their integrity is well-preserved when they are cleaned with soft sponges or buffer devices. You can also opt to use wet mops to clean the surfaces on a daily basis, or a vacuum with gentle pressure. It is best that you restrict the frequency of washing the surfaces with soap, as it may leave behind deposits and lead to discolouration over time. This includes ammonia-based compounds and bleach. Other than that, you are also discouraged from using steam mops, as the scalding hot water temperature may leave lasting damage on the floor. By practising these tips, you will enjoy your flooring for decades to come.

spc flooring maintenance

Quick Clean Tips

Our floors will undeniably have some spots and drops. Whether it is ketchup, household cleaners, food, or even blood, it is encouraged that these spots and drops are immediately cleaned to prevent staining. Thankfully, it is a quick clean! Just apply an SPC floor cleaner directly on the spot and clean it with a damp cloth. The SPC cleaner is necessary as it will help loosen the particles, making it that much easier to clean.

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spc flooring maintenance tips

Be Gentle

Planning to move furniture around? Remember to keep the pressure light. In fact, it would be best to add a layer of padding underneath the furniture to ensure a smooth glide across the flooring. While you are at it, do remember to pick up any heavy furniture, even when it seems tempting to push it across the surface using brute force. By adhering to the tip, your flooring will last longer.

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